You Know You have a 1-year-old when…

I barely have any memory of the last year or so it seems because I have no idea how my little baby is already one!  But she did turn one and we celebrated her birthday in Winter “One”-derland style this past January.


Some other things seemed to have slipped my memory as well, because I had forgotten about how hard it is just to complete daily tasks with a curious, energetic, walker around the house.  Here is a quick list of Madelyn’s favorite activities:

  • Pulling the dishes out of the dishwasher while I am loading/ unloading.  She does not seem to understand my emphatic cries of, “Sweetie, that will break!” or “Ahhhh! That’s a butcher knife!””
  • Unfolding my laundry faster than I can fold it.  This is a particular pet peeve of mine, since I loathe folding the laundry to begin with.
  • Tipping over the large stand lamp in the living room.  It is currently held together with Gorilla glue and duct tape from when my oldest child was one.  I had forgotten that until Madelyn tipped it over the other day.
  • Crawling up the stairs or trying to slip past the gate on the stairs anytime it is left open even for a millisecond.  She is QUICK!
  • Unrolling the toilet paper.  BTW, each time she does this my 2-year-old uses the whole wad the next time she uses the toilet.  Then I have to plunge the toilet to get all that paper down.  Seriously folks–this is real life here!
  • Picking through the trash–gross!
  • Eating the dirty Cheerios out of the dirt when I sweep the floor–even more gross!.
  • Emptying toy boxes, bookshelves, kitchen cupboards and anything she can get her hands on then leaving a trail of destruction for the rest of us to clean up.  Here she is–I caught her red-handed pulling all her diapers out of the changing table.


  • Grinning ear to ear in response to even my sternest “NO!”  She is totally taunting me!  She knows I am a donkey on the edge!
  • Putting every little thing in her mouth.  She knows when she is caught too…She will come to me all drooly and bulging and as I try to reach for her she takes off running, waddling as fast as those little legs can carry her.  That goes for when she is holding something she isn’t supposed to have too.  I have had to wrestle that girl to the ground more than once.  Yeah—that’s right, I’m TOUGH!

Mama’s need a lot of patience!  It really is a good thing kids are so cute and lovable because when they start to exert that will we are already so head over heels in love with our children that we work our tails off to keep up with them and nurture them through those busy–not to mention messy– toddler years.

Here’s hoping we make it through these treacherous days without major incident!  And to developing an ability to step back from the mess and enjoy my kids when they are this age.