To my unfaithful socks

The socks in my house have had a major infidelity problem lately!  Whenever I do the wash I throw all the socks without a mate into a bucket and then pair them with their mates when they show up.  But lately, the lonely socks seem to outnumber the happily mated ones.  I note this trend each morning when I go to put on my socks.  Even my son has been badgering me because he keeps running out of his favorite socks.  He is very particular for a 5-year-old!  A quick look at my overflowing sock bucket confirmed that we may have a problem!


Even after a quick sock match up, the bucket is still full and there are more unmatched socks that just came out of the laundry.Image

So, to my unfaithful socks, where are you hiding?  Is there some laundry somewhere I have forgotten about?  Why did you leave your mate here all alone?  

Did we do something wrong that you’ve gone missing?  I know I let the laundry pile up.  I’m truly sorry,  Does it hurt your feelings when the kids only keep you on for five minutes and then thoughtlessly discard you.  Come out of your hiding places and I will wash you and put you back where you belong!

We need you!  Winter is not over and it’s still too cold for flip flops so your job here is not done.  Our toes are cold, our feet need padding, our sock drawers look bare!  Oh socks, please come home!

Well, I’m off to find some mates for my socks.  For some reason, I am always afraid to throw away the lonely socks.  I believe in those missing socks.  They have to be here somewhere!  I just found one in my van yesterday and my hope has been renewed to just keep waiting and watching and washing and pairing and someday all my socks will be in my drawers and not in the sock bucket!