To my unfaithful socks

The socks in my house have had a major infidelity problem lately!  Whenever I do the wash I throw all the socks without a mate into a bucket and then pair them with their mates when they show up.  But lately, the lonely socks seem to outnumber the happily mated ones.  I note this trend each morning when I go to put on my socks.  Even my son has been badgering me because he keeps running out of his favorite socks.  He is very particular for a 5-year-old!  A quick look at my overflowing sock bucket confirmed that we may have a problem!


Even after a quick sock match up, the bucket is still full and there are more unmatched socks that just came out of the laundry.Image

So, to my unfaithful socks, where are you hiding?  Is there some laundry somewhere I have forgotten about?  Why did you leave your mate here all alone?  

Did we do something wrong that you’ve gone missing?  I know I let the laundry pile up.  I’m truly sorry,  Does it hurt your feelings when the kids only keep you on for five minutes and then thoughtlessly discard you.  Come out of your hiding places and I will wash you and put you back where you belong!

We need you!  Winter is not over and it’s still too cold for flip flops so your job here is not done.  Our toes are cold, our feet need padding, our sock drawers look bare!  Oh socks, please come home!

Well, I’m off to find some mates for my socks.  For some reason, I am always afraid to throw away the lonely socks.  I believe in those missing socks.  They have to be here somewhere!  I just found one in my van yesterday and my hope has been renewed to just keep waiting and watching and washing and pairing and someday all my socks will be in my drawers and not in the sock bucket!




Sometimes my house is just….well, gross!

I am in awe of those who keep an immaculate home–I will never be one of those people.  It is just one of those things that try as I might just doesn’t totally mesh with my personality.  Perhaps because there are about a million things I would rather be doing besides cleaning, it seems like I am always cleaning.  I am just always aware of the time I am spending on something I would rather not be doing.  That being said, I like living in an organized, non-gross environment so I keep working at this seemingly hopeless goal of a clean home.

I have a daily routine where I pick up the clutter, make the beds, and clean the kitchen.  After that I usually try to tackle one weekly chore such as vacuuming or cleaning the bathroom.  Of course, there is ALWAYS laundry and about once a month I feel caught up with that for about five minutes.  But there always seem to be things I never get to and then one day I realize how long it has been since something has been cleaned when I see the complete grossness before my eyes.

I had that moment this morning when I put my hand on the back of my stove top–the part where all the knobs are.  It was covered in this sticky, greasy film.  I then realized that my back splash and microwave were also covered in this film.  This prompted me to take a closer look at the rest of my stove top and I dared myself to lift that lid on my electric range and check out the hidden nastiness lurking underneath.  Wow!  Super Gross!

As embarrassed as I am that I have that kind of nastiness going unnoticed in my home, there is something more satisfying about cleaning something that is actually really dirty than something that could go a couple more weeks before anyone noticed it needed to be cleaned.  (There is another insight into why my house will never be spotless!)

I started spraying in an effort to dissolve at least the top layer of filth and then I started scrubbing.  I had to rinse out my sponge numerous times just so I wouldn’t just keep spreading the dinginess around.  Lucky for me, Maddie took a decent nap this morning so I was able to clean the microwave, the backsplash, and the stove top without interruption.  I even cleaned my utensil caddy–that alone took 10 minutes of scrubbing with bar tenders friend cleaner because it had that sticky film on it too.

I had to run to the store to buy brand new bowl things for under my burners because after doing all that scrubbing I couldn’t bear to put my old ones back on there.  They are beyond hope of ever being clean again.  I tried cleaning them about a year ago and the burnt stuff didn’t budge. But being cheap, I have lived with those nasty things for a year!   Chris did mention about a week ago that they were pretty nasty, so that with the shiny clean stove finally motivated me to fork over the $16 for new burner bowls.


All this got me thinking that I should make a weekly top five list of the grossest areas of my house and then try to clean those things along with my weekly chores.  Always an overachiever, my list started as a top 10 before I realized there was no way I could keep up that pace!  So five for now.

Here are my top five—the work from today not included.

  1. The inside of my oven
  2. The door to the playroom and the back yard
  3. The inside of my dishwasher—well the outside too if you really want to know
  4. The walls in my kitchen
  5. The front of my kitchen cabinets

OK–so one week, five gross jobs.  I am choosing to focus on the kitchen before working on the rest of the house.  Hopefully at some point, I can get past gross and move on to the areas that are just annoying and disorganized or the projects that I procrastinate, but for now I am tackling the gross.  Because let’s be honest, I would rather be disorganized and a procrastinator than just plain gross.

I plan to take before an after shots so you can feel better about yourselves and your much cleaner homes.