First attempts at teaching the Bible

Since my children were born, my husband and I have prayed with them each night before bed and have included God in our conversation and daily activities, but my son is now two and very into books and stories and seems extra interested in learning about God and the Bible. So—it’s time to dive in and start teaching!

In my “outside the home” life I teach Christian Education courses to college students. Over the past several years it is remarkable to note how many Christian college students really have only a basic understanding of the Bible. A few (wanting to go into ministry) really have not been taught the Bible. It is much harder to know where to start with college students, but at home with Sawyer, we are starting with popular Bible stories and some select Bible memory verses. I feel a deep calling to help my children understand who God is and how He has worked throughout time to reveal himself to us and show us His love. Hopefully when Sawyer gets to college, he will have a deep, meaningful understanding of Scripture—not just Sunday School answers.

Where to begin….well, we are on a pretty tight budget with me reducing my work load (and pay) beginning this July to stay home with the kiddos. So even though this is probably the most important investment of my life, it has to be done without breaking the bank! We started with what we already have on hand.

We were given a storybook on Jonah (with GREAT pictures), so we started with Jonah! Here are the three big ideas we developed from the story:

  1. God wants us to obey even when we don’t want to.
  2. Sometimes, God goes to great effort to get our attention so we learn to obey Him.
  3. God is a God of second chances. He is loving and forgiving–even when we are not!

We took a week of our life to focus on the story of Jonah. It really is awesome to teach a Bible story to a child who has never heard the story before! I have found it even rejuvenates my own faith. Throughout the week, I developed several activities related to the story that Sawyer could participate in and integrated the big ideas above into our conversations.

Here are some of the activities we did together:

  • We read the story out of our storybook several times. In addition, I talked to Sawyer about how the story of Jonah is in the Bible and asked him if he wanted me to show him in mommy’s Bible. He got very excited about this. After Sawyer was pretty familiar with the story, my husband read him parts of Jonah from Scripture.
  • We found ways to act out the major events of the story using props from around the house. At one point, I was the whale and I swallowed “Jonah” (Sawyer) by putting his head under my sweater. He LOVED this game! After that, he found tons of ways to be swallowed by the whale–a clothes hamper, blankets—you name it! We also acted like the boat. I was the boat and i rocked him back and forth while making stormy noises before throwing him out of the “boat.”
  • We learned a song about Jonah and sang it throughout the week.
  • I showed him some pictures from the internet from different versions of the story.
  • I let him watch the veggie tales video on Jonah (though it was a LOT longer than I had anticipated—didn’t veggie tales used to be 30 minutes? you know….sweet and sour….half and hour….veggie tales.)

We are tackling the creation story next. I have been collecting ideas all week. Can’t wait to have a great time explaining how God is the source of life!


Tips for Surviving Toddler and Preschool years

I came across this list today on one of the blogs I am starting to follow. I have come to many of these conclusions on my own over the last couple of years, but her suggestions are still encouraging. Perhaps our home is on the right track!

Time Tested Tips for Surviving and Thriving during the Preschool years

Life Intentional

There’s nothing like a new baby in the house to totally turn your life upside down while somehow forcing you to re-evaluate your life, your priorities, and even examine yourself!

With two children under three, I am still a beginner at parenting; but when I think about the life I want for my children I know I want them to grow to love Jesus, desire to serve them with their lives, and experience the wholeness he offers as they experience life’s ups and downs.

Am I the mom I need to be to adequately disciple my children to become all that God has created them to be? Perfection isn’t the goal, but they need to understand how Christ intends to influence every aspect of our lives. They won’t get that unless they see it in me!

But even beyond my example, they need to experience Jesus as Savior and Lord in their lives—now!

For the last 10 years, I have been working in higher education with Christian college students, I even teach courses on Christian Education and Spiritual Formation. But I now face the biggest test of my knowledge–How do I apply what I know about how people learn, grow, and develop to my own family in a way that empowers them to become little worshipers in every aspect of life?

That’s the mom motive. If you find yourself seeking the Lord asking these same questions, I hope you join me on my journey to discover God’s intentions for our children.