We all want to be supermoms, but there is nothing quite like the demands of motherhood to bring out all our imperfections.   As a mother of three children four and under, my time and energy is in high demand as my little hooligans need my help and attention what seems like every second of every day!

My name is Leah Smith, and I want to raise children who grow up to be responsible, Godly adults.  I have one chance with my children and though I won’t do a perfect job, I hope to point them to Christ’s love and his purpose for their lives because only He can smooth over my mistakes.

As a stay at home mom, I often joke that my full time job is saving our family money.  With the limited resources of one income, being organized and savvy–especially when it comes to planning meals and spending money– become ultra-important.  If I don’t stay on top of these duties, it isn’t long before our world drifts into chaos.  The problem is that I am not really that organized and my intentions are often much loftier than my reality.

There is something about my personality that just wants to strive, strive, strive to get it all together.  I find myself on this weary journey of trying to attain balance and be this ideal “supermom” image that I feel pressure (mostly from myself) to be.  In my ideal world, I would wake up early enough to spend some quality time with the Lord, work out and start a home-cooked breakfast before my kids are even out of bed.  We would then have a peaceful breakfast together as a family before seeing my husband off to work with a kiss of course!  The laundry would be done–not just clean, but placed neatly in the drawers, we would have a meal plan with tasty dishes that everyone likes and still stay under our grocery budget.  During the day, I would have enough time to play with my kids, read with them, teach them all they need to know to be smart, athletic, socially adept, and spiritual little human beings and we would have time to go to the park and have play dates and still have dinner on the table before six.  My husband would come home to a peaceful environment where we could have some quality conversation and spend some creative, quality time as a family.

Why is that so hard?  It’s hard because focusing my attention on all these tasks is defeating and it is easy to see myself as a failure.  And fellow moms out there–you know my scenario isn’t just hard to attain its laughable.  The reality looks MUCH, MUCH different!  But amid the chaos I hope to learn that raising my kids isn’t about tasks, its about relationships and while budgeting, and fitness, and providing healthy meals and a clean home help keep ME sane, failing at some of these tasks some of the time is part of being a true super mom.

Thanks for reading!




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