Mini family vacation…very mini!

Since Sawyer and Chris both have fall break and a long weekend off from school and work, we planned a mini va-ca in Tulsa, OK- a place we have never been before and close enough for a quick getaway.  That was Monday.  On Tuesday afternoon I got a call from the school nurse.  Sawyer had thrown up at school.  How bad is it that it took about one second for me to be utterly estatic that was one mess I didn’t have to clean up! 

Anyway, Sawyer missed school on Wednesday but we were hopeful about our weekend plans.  No one else showed any signs of sickness and surely Sawyer would be better.

This stomach bug has been pretty mild overall.  Except for the five minutes before and the 10 minutes after Sawyer’s visits to the bathroom, you would never know he was sick.  Thinking all was well I sent him to church Wednesday night and let him eat regular food.  All really was well until 2:00 AM when he threw up AGAIN!  So I kept him home today and by lunch he really was better. 

Our plan all week has been to leave right after school on Thursday…so I started packing and praying healthy blessings over our family.  Maddie had a couple of suspicious diapers and a raw red bottom, but she is one…that could happen any day.

At three-o-clock we loaded up and headed out.  Everyone was literally giddy with excitement.  Plans to head to a cool restaurant and hit the hotel pool were being made.  Then I smelled it.  Sawyer and Lucy were so busy chatting I couldnt get their attention, but I needed their eyes to check Maddie’s seat since she is still rear facing.  The smell was definitely getting worse and Sawyer finally confirmed.  It was puke.  All over the car seat snd Maddie

How far did we make it?  20 minutes folks!  I had said all week that if anyone else threw up, we would stay home.  So, sadly our glorious getaway became just a trip up the road.

After dealing with the initial disappointment, Sawyer and Lucy have made the best of the rest of our evening.  Oh and Maddie? She is fine. 

Maybe things would have been fine if we had plowed forward, but if my kids are going to be sick, let them be sick at home.  Sometimes that’s all a mom has!