The sound of imagination in action



I once read that if you could listen in on playground talk at an elementary school you would note a distinct difference between the boys and the girls.  The girls converse with words and dialog, but the boys’ conversations are made up of noises, and sound effects and I suppose words….as necessary.

As a mother of an “active” 5-year-old, I often find myself tempted to tone down his “boy-ness.”  “Stop running.”  “Don’t throw that!”  “Is there a reason why you can’t sit through dinner?”  “Do you need to jump up and down while you talk to me?”  There is a fine line between teaching right behavior and just letting boys be boys that I have not mastered.

But the other day I happened upon Sawyer so engrossed in play with his monster trucks that he barely even noticed my camera.  It was pure joy to watch him at play.  I don’t know exactly what was going through his mind, but I am sure that in the land of his imagination what he was doing was as exciting—if not more incredible–as a real monster truck rally.

God, in his mercy, gives me these moments to help keep me sane and to remind me of how wonderful my kids really are.

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