Too busy to be me!

I often get carried away with a new project or a new idea into a world of possibilities that keeps me entertained and distracted for days or even weeks until I take some sort of action to make my idea a reality.  Of course most of my ideas require boundless energy and time to actually carry to fruition, but I optimistically plunge forward with success as my goal.

I’m not a consistent list maker—my lists get too long!
I’m not super organized—but I spend more time than most people trying to be!
I’m not good at everything and truthfully I don’t even try to be.  But I have a lot of things I would like to be better at and I’m always running out of time to actually be skilled at anything!
I love learning.  I devour new ideas, chew on them, and find ways to integrate “newness” or inspiration into my life.

I have a brain that won’t turn off.  Some days I long for a more simple personality that would more easily focus on a few important things, but then I get some random idea and off I go into imagination land.  The end result–I’m too busy to be me and I end up living life between the me I want to be and the me I actually have time for.  Leah one the edge of sanity, contentment, tears, laughter….it really depends on the day.