Praying for your children

One of the simplist ways parents can impact the spiritual formation of their children is by praying for them each night at bedtime beginning at birth. This precious way to wrap up the day can become as much a part of your routine as brushing teeth. While my husband and I are far from perfect parents, this nightly routine of praying with our kids unites us as parents and helps keep us focused on the fact that God has given us our children to raise, but they are His. Through our prayers, we offer our kids back to Him AND teach our children about the one who died to offer them life and salvation!

Why I pray for my children each night:

  1. I want them to know they can talk to Jesus–that prayer is how we talk to God
  2. I want them to learn how to pray from the time they can talk so that it becomes a natural part of their daily conversation.
  3. I want them to know that God is the source of all we hold dear. We thank him, we give him credit, we ask him for help because we need His help.
  4. I desire God to work in their lives in a powerful, life-transforming way, and I believe God’s will is for me to ask persistently for their salvation, their protection from the enemy, and hearts that desire to submit to and follow God.
  5. If I don’t pray for my children, who will?

What do we pray for?

  • Their salvation- that they would come to know God at an early age.
  • Their wills to be submissive to God- That they would follow God in obedience
  • Understanding of God’s love for them- that they would feel his presence and know that God believes in them and loves them perfectly.
  • Their future- that they would know that God has created them for a purpose and that they would know God’s calling on their life including career, spouse, friendships, and decisions.
  • Their protection- That the devil’s schemes to keep them from fulfilling God’s purpose for them would be thwarted and that the hurts of life would not keep them from believing in and trusting God.
  • Our wisdom- that as parents we would know how to encourage and empower our children, teach them about who God is, and know how to discipline them and form them into mature, responsible, caring, Godly people.
  • Our family and important people in our lives- that they would know that God cares for these important people and wants us to intercede on their behalf.
  • Our needs and thanks. We remember the experiences of the day and thank God for giving them to us. We also pray for help for whatever comes up in our lives.

I also found these links helpful as a guide to knowing how and what to pray for your children:
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